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Greeley Masonry continues the tradition of excellence as we construct extraordinary types of hardscaping environments, harnessing the enduring elegance and resilience intrinsic to brick and stone. Enrich your outdoor activities with our variety of possibilities, a tapestry of unrivaled attributes. Whether it’s the inspiration for a welcoming patio, a utilitarian retaining wall, or a scenic walkway, our skilled artisans are ready to bring completion to your design, enlisting their creative artistry and dedicated precision.



Hard-scaping encompasses the inanimate components within a landscape, and our utilization of brick and stone facilitates the attainment of an artistic and utilitarian equilibrium that metamorphoses your outdoor spaces into captivating sanctuaries. Our proficiency in hardscaping installations embraces the innate attributes of these materials, bestowing upon you endeavors that synchronize with the surroundings, endure the trials of time, and amplify both the visual allure and worth of your property.



Limitless Array of Brick and Stone Choices: 

Patio and Walkway Creations:


Longevity: Brick and stone patios and walkways exhibit remarkable endurance, standing steadfast against foot traffic, weather conditions, and the passage of time. 

Minimal Upkeep: Requiring scant maintenance, brick and stone patios and walkways retain their allure and functionality over the years. 

Aesthetic Richness: The diverse palette of hues and textures in brick and stone permits boundless design prospects, infusing personality and allure into your open-air havens. 

Secure Traction: Brick and stone surfaces provide superior traction, ensuring a safer and more stable walking surface compared to other materials.


Custom Designs: Our adept craftsmen fashion unique arrangements and layouts that seamlessly complement your landscape and mirror your preferences. 

Edging Selections: An assortment of edging styles is at your disposal, lending your patio or walkway an impeccably polished appearance. 

Versatility Galore: Whether your heart leans towards a rustic brick patio or a refined stone walkway, we tailor the materials to impeccably suit your preferred style. 

Retaining Walls:


Structural Fortitude: Brick and stone retaining walls confer robust support, thwarting soil erosion and safeguarding your terrain from harm. 

Stalwart Resilience: Crafted from resolute materials, our retaining walls brave the elements, preserving their structural soundness over the passage of time. 

Aesthetic Splendor: The inherent grace of brick and stone lends aesthetic magnificence to your landscape, transforming a utilitarian wall into an eye-catching feature.


Tailored Heights: Retaining walls of diverse statures are meticulously devised to align with your landscape’s exact requirements. 

Drainage Solutions: Our masons ingeniously incorporate proper drainage systems into the retaining walls, preempting water accumulation and potential harm. 

Terracing Alternatives: For undulating terrains, our repertoire boasts terracing designs that create tiers of level space, optimizing your functional outdoor expanse. 

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits:


Inviting Warmth: Brick and stone fire elements infuse an inviting and warm ambiance, forming an ideal setting for gatherings and relaxation. 

Enduring Endurance: Designed to endure high temperatures, brick and stone fireplaces and fire pits ensure enduring performance and safety. 

Tailored Touch: With an array of shapes and sizes at your disposal, we personalize fireplaces and fire pits to seamlessly align with your spatial and stylistic preferences.


Incorporated Seating: Our designs incorporate built-in seating encircling the fire feature, augmenting comfort and convenience. 

Artistic Embellishments: We infuse decorative nuances such as stone veneers or brick patterns, heightening the visual allure of your fire element. 

Utilitarian Focal Points: Our outdoor fireplaces and fire pits encapsulate functionality and aesthetics, adorning your space as captivating focal points. 

Driveways and Pathways:


Resilience Reinforced: Brick and stone driveways and pathways stand resilient against vehicular and pedestrian traffic, mitigating wear and tear. 

Elevated Curb Appeal: The timeless magnetism of brick and stone elevates your property’s facade, etching an indelible impression on visitors, even at night with hardscaping solar panels

Minimal Upkeep: With precise installation, brick and stone driveways and pathways demand marginal upkeep, bestowing upon you saved time and effort.


Patterns and Layouts Abound: Your pick from an array of patterns and layouts creates a driveway or pathway that harmonizes seamlessly with your dwelling’s design. 

Permeable Pavers: We present permeable pavers that allow rainwater to permeate through, curbing runoff and fostering environmental well-being. 

Color Diversity: Our assortment of brick and stone colors ensures you find the perfect match for your dwelling’s exterior. 

Pool Decks and Coping:


Enhanced Slip Resistance: Brick and stone pool decks elevate safety around the pool precinct, offering heightened slip resistance. 

Heat Tolerance: These materials stay refreshingly cooler underfoot, rendering them comfortable for walking even on scorching summer days. 

Stalwart Endurance: Brick and stone pool coping withstand exposure to water and pool chemicals, preserving their appearance and structural soundness.


Customized Coping: Coping options, presented in a spectrum of shapes and dimensions, accommodate the unique specifications of your pool blueprint. 

Non-Abrasive Surface: The smooth texture of brick and stone forestalls abrasions and discomfort while lounging on the pool’s edge. 

Pool Deck Panache: Our masons orchestrate pool decks that merge functional layouts with stylish motifs, metamorphosing your aquatic area into an oasis.



  1. Expertise and Experience: Our team of adept masons brings forth a wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to their craft, infusing each hard-scaping endeavor with skill and passion.

    Customization and Personalization: Your preferences and prerequisites take center stage as we craft exclusive designs that mirror your individual style and augment your property’s allure.

    Quality Materials: We procure materials of the utmost caliber, ensuring that your hardscape elements retain their allure and structural soundness throughout the years.

    Attentive Precision: From initial blueprints to final installation, our masons meticulously attend to every minutia, culminating in impeccable and enduring outcomes.

    Client Contentment: Our unwavering commitment to your contentment propels us to surpass your anticipations, gifting you with hardscape features that evoke delight and inspiration.

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When you consider how much does hardscaping cost it has the potential to yield substantial reductions in water expenses, particularly in regions where prudent water conservation practices are imperative due to the constraints of scarce water resources or prevailing drought conditions. 

The degree of abatement in water bills hinges upon an array of factors, encompassing the assortment of hardscape installations, property dimensions, regional climate, and utilization patterns pertaining to water.

Outlined below are ways in which hardscaping projects can be instrumental in curtailing water bills:

  1. Diminished Irrigation Demand: Notably, features like brick or stone patios, pathways, and driveways engender non-porous surfaces that obviate the need for irrigation. By substituting sections of turf or verdant spaces with hardscape elements, property owners can attenuate the requisite water supply for these zones, culminating in reduced water consumption.

  2. Permeable Pavers and Rainwater Collection: Permeable pavers, by facilitating the percolation of rainwater into the soil, curtail runoff and contribute to the replenishment of groundwater. Additionally, ventures that encompass systems for harvesting rainwater can amass and store rainwater for subsequent utilization, thereby mitigating reliance on municipal water provisions for exterior applications.

  3. Evasion of Evaporation: The presence of hardscapes can arrest water evaporation, particularly when adjacent to amenities such as swimming pools or water features. In locales characterized by arid and sweltering conditions, this can culminate in noteworthy water conservation over the course of time.

  4. Drought-Resistant Landscaping: Hardscapes can be synergized with drought-tolerant landscaping, featuring indigenous flora and adhering to xeriscaping principles. These judicious choices in water-efficient landscaping contribute to the further abridgement of irrigation needs and water expenditure.

  5. Attenuated Maintenance Irrigation: The domain of hardscaping mandates minimal maintenance in comparison to lawns and gardens, which are often reliant on recurrent watering for vitality. Through the curtailment of areas necessitating routine irrigation, property holders are poised to economize on both water consumption and maintenance expenses.

Noteworthy, the quantum of actual savings in water bills is contingent upon the particular installations undertaken and the distinctive attributes of the property. Although hardscaping does furnish the potential for marked water conservation, it is imperative to strike a harmonious equilibrium between hardscape and softscape (vegetation-based) components to uphold a flourishing and sustainable outdoor milieu.

Prior to embarking on a project geared toward abating water expenditures, homeowners are well-advised to engage in consultations with local landscaping experts or water conservation specialists. Their acumen can facilitate an assessment of the property’s requisites, recommendation of pertinent brick and stone elements, and tailored counsel to actualize maximal water preservation while preserving the aesthetic and functional integrity of the outdoor expanse.


The cost variability is extensive and hinges on numerous factors, encompassing the project’s extent, the chosen materials, the dimensions of the hardscaped area, and any supplementary features or intricacies integrated into the endeavor.

For a precise cost assessment, a more comprehensive understanding of your project is requisite. Nevertheless, we can proffer a general approximation of the average expenses associated with several prevalent hardscaping components:

Patio: The expense for a fundamental patio installation spans from $15 to $50 per square foot. However, the deployment of premium materials or intricate designs can lead to considerable cost escalation.

Retaining Wall: The outlay for retaining walls can fluctuate between $20 to $60 per square foot, contingent on factors like height and chosen materials.

Pathways/Walkways: For uncomplicated pathways, the estimated expense ranges around $10 to $35 per square foot. The incorporation of intricate patterns or upscale materials augments the overall cost.

Driveway: A concrete driveway typically averages between $4,000 to $9,000, whereas a brick or paver driveway might range from $10,000 to $20,000 or even higher.

Deck: The cost of constructing a deck is notably variable, contingent on dimensions, materials, and supplementary features. Generally, decks can entail an outlay of $30 to $60 per square foot.

Outdoor Kitchen: Should you contemplate the addition of an outdoor kitchen, it is prudent to anticipate a substantial expenditure, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 or beyond, predicated on intricacy and material selection.

Water Features: The expenses linked to water features such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls fluctuate in consonance with the scale and design. Modest features may initiate around a few hundred dollars, whereas larger and more elaborate installations can extend into the thousands.

It is imperative to bear in mind that these assessments are preliminary approximations, and actual costs may deviate contingent upon your specific locale and the particular requisites of your project.