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Brick Fireplace Install and Repair in Greeley, CO

Indulge in the enchanting allure of a warm and inviting household, complete with a captivating brick or stone fireplace. Greeley Masonry stands as your trusted companion, crafting the art of bricklaying to create an idyllic haven of comfort. Our proficient team of masons is poised to collaborate with you, bringing forth a fireplace that seamlessly integrates with your dwelling’s style and fulfills your aspirations. Reach out to us without hesitation for a complimentary estimate, and embark on the journey to embrace the definition of coziness and charm!



Consider Greeley Masonry’s brick fireplace installation, brick restoration, and brick repair services offering a variety of benefits beyond appearance. Discover the features that enhance this addition:

  1. Increase in Home Value: Elevate the worth of your property as fireplaces add functionality and charm, making it more attractive to potential home buyers.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Lower your energy bills with a well-maintained fireplace, serving as an alternate heat source to reduce the reliance on central heating.

  3. Improved Air Quality: Modern designs have ventilation systems that ensure the proper airflow, protecting your home from harmful smoke and gases.

  4. Cozy Ambiance: Settle down in the inviting and warm aura, creating a perfect setting for quality time with loved ones and relaxation.

  5. Design Flexibility: Customize your new fireplace to integrate with any decor, achieving a remarkable centerpiece that complements your style.

  6. Durability and Longevity: Experience the long-lasting beauty of brick, ensuring your fireplace lasts the test of time, providing warmth for many decades.

White chimney and fireplace
Fire reflection in a brick fireplace



The installation procedure follows a series of steps to ensure a successful outcome:

  1. Planning and Design: Collaborate with our experts to decide the optimal fireplace location and craft a design that matches with your preferences.

  2. Framing and Foundation: Create a sturdy foundation and framing structure to give essential support for the fireplace and brick chimney.

  3. Masonry Work: Skillfully lay the bricks and mortar to construct the chimney and fireplace. The team installs the flue, firebox, and chimney cap.

  4. Finishing Touches: After completing the masonry repair services chimney work, we add finishing touches such as a mantel, hearth, and other chosen design elements.

  5. Testing and Safety: Prior to use, the team conducts numerous safety checks and tests the flue and chimney to ensure proper ventilation and overall safety.



A fireplace made of stone or brick is a desirable feature that adds value to a residence through multiple channels. Its visual charm and distinctiveness transform it into an enchanting centerpiece, infusing any space with a cozy and refined atmosphere. Moreover, its functionality as a heat source curtails energy expenses, thereby augmenting overall energy efficiency.

Brick, with its timeless and enduring nature, retains its allure throughout the passage of time. The sentiment it evokes enhances a residence’s welcoming aura for potential purchasers. Opting for such an investment ensures a significant yield, enhancing the worth of the property and enhancing the quality of life for the homeowner.

Rustic brick fireplace
Fireplace in corner

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Greeley Masonry places a high emphasis on the distinctiveness of each masonry endeavor, which is precisely why we extend complimentary estimates for all our services, with no strings attached. Our proficient masons work closely alongside you, gaining an in-depth understanding of your vision and specific prerequisites. The comprehensive estimate you’ll receive encompasses the project’s scope, necessary materials, and associated expenditures.

Our commitment to a no-obligation approach empowers you to make well-informed choices without any initial financial commitments. This freedom enables you to effectively evaluate quotes from other contractors, ensuring you obtain the utmost value for your investment.

Throughout the estimation process, our team provides invaluable expertise and suggestions, assisting you in attaining your desired outcome. From selecting materials to refining the design, we offer insights into pivotal aspects that influence the final outcome.

Here are 41 brick fireplace ideas for any design style.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our no-obligation free estimates exemplify this commitment. Contact us now to schedule your free estimate and discover how we can bring your masonry project to life.


Why Choose Greeley Masonry?

  1. Expertise & Experience: Our team has years of experience in fireplace installation, delivering outstanding craftsmanship and amazing results.
  2. Personalized Solutions: We take the time to understand your preferences and vision, tailoring our services to match your unique requirements.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to exceed not just match your expectations, leaving you with a fireplace that brings happiness for many years to come.
  4. Hassle-Free Process: From concept to completion, we take charge of every aspect of the installation, making the whole process stress-free and seamless.
  5.  Improve Your Home Today! Infuse your dwelling with coziness, splendor, and allure through a freshly constructed or revitalized fireplace courtesy of Greeley Masonry. Revel in the soothing embrace of a snug hearth coupled with the enduring grace of classic aesthetics. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation, marking the initial stride towards metamorphosing your living area into a captivating sanctuary. Let’s collaborate to turn your envisioned fireplace into a tangible masterpiece!

If you’re seeking a more contemporary and fashionable aesthetic rather than a traditional one, explore these favored hues for painted brick fireplaces:

White or Ivory Paint: Opting for a white-painted brick fireplace has long been a cherished choice. This timeless approach complements a variety of interior styles, ranging from classical to modern. A whitewashed brick fireplace can illuminate the room, establishing a focal point and imbuing the space with an expansive and airy feel. Here’s how to discern the contrast between a whitewashed and limewash brick fireplace.

Gray Paint: In recent years, gray-painted brick fireplace makeovers have surged in popularity, particularly in contemporary and industrial-themed interiors. Various shades of gray lend a touch of sophistication and chic to the fireplace, harmonizing adeptly with a wide array of color schemes and decor themes.

Neutral Earth Tones: Subtle and inviting earth tones like beige, taupe, or greige (a fusion of gray and beige) are also esteemed selections for painted brick or stone fireplaces. These colors create an inviting and snug atmosphere, endowing the fireplace with a comforting prominence in the room.

Black Paint: The trendiness of black-painted brick fireplaces is on the rise, especially in modern and minimalist designs. The stark contrast against the surrounding walls makes a bold and theatrical statement, infusing the space with a contemporary edge.

Navy Blue Paint: A stylish and impactful choice, navy blue lends a sense of refinement and sophistication to painted brick fireplaces. This deep, opulent hue adds a distinct and captivating element to the room’s ambiance.

Two-Tone or Ombre Effect: Some homeowners opt for a two-tone or ombre effect, where the fireplace is adorned in multiple colors or varying shades of the same hue. This imaginative approach adds visual intrigue and showcases the fireplace as a standout feature in the room.

Remember that trends can shift over time, and certain styles might wax or wane in popularity. When selecting a paint color for your brick fireplace, consider your overall interior design, color palette, and personal inclinations. Before embarking on the painting process, ensure the brick surface is primed and prepared appropriately to achieve the desired finish and lasting quality.