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Brick Patio Install and Repair in Greeley, CO

Greetings to Greeley Masonry, the foremost selection for constructing brick patios and delivering brick repair and brick restoration solutions. Unleash the genuine capabilities of your outdoor area through our masterful workmanship and enduring designs. Whether your aspiration encompasses a modest paver brick patio for intimate gatherings or a herringbone brick patio tailored for hosting numerous guests, our team is resolute in surpassing your utmost anticipations throughout every phase.

Unearth the remarkable attributes and advantages of fashioning a brick paver patio or stone patio, and anticipate relishing the substantial escalation in property value that our accomplished brick and stone masons will infuse into your dwelling upon the project’s culmination.


we know how to build a brick patio to suit your lifestyle

  1. Enduring Elegance: The allure and sophistication of brick and stone patios radiate, enhancing the visual charm of any open space. With their earthy tones and timeless appeal, they seamlessly meld with a variety of architectural styles, forging a harmonious union with your home’s design.

    Unyielding Resilience: Our patios are meticulously crafted to withstand the ravages of time and the harshest of weather conditions. Imbued with top-tier materials and expert installation, they establish a robust foundation that endures for years on end.

    Design Ingenuity at Your Fingertips: Embark on the journey of manifesting your ideal patio, brimming with limitless design avenues. From intricate motifs to unassuming arrangements, our adept masons possess the prowess to fashion the patio in accordance with your individual preferences and way of life.

    Minimal Upkeep: Hiring a masonry contractor who knows how to lay a brick patio costs less with upkeep which is notably low, given the requirement for minimal care, thus saving you valuable time and energy. Their resistance to stains and fading means the bricks retain their allure without the need for constant maintenance.

    Safety Embraced: The textured surface of brick-patterned patios delivers exceptional traction, mitigating the likelihood of slips and falls, even when conditions are damp. Revel in the tranquility of knowing that your patio stands as a secure haven for both your family and guests.

    Eco-Conscious Choice: Opting for bricks aligns with environmentally friendly practices, as they originate from natural clay and abstain from emitting harmful chemicals. Their enduring lifespan also translates into fewer resources expended on replacements across the years.



The PROS of brick AND STONE patios

Elevated Outdoor Enjoyment: Embrace the beauty of nature with a captivating brick terrace. Whether you seek a tranquil haven for your morning coffee or a seamless extension of your living quarters for social gatherings, a meticulously crafted patio enhances your lifestyle and nurtures your connection with the natural world.

Entertainment Bliss: Play host to cherished get-togethers with loved ones on your enchanting brick porch. Its inviting ambiance and cozy setting will leave an indelible mark on your guests, ensuring memorable gatherings.

Enhanced Property Value: Enlisting the expertise of a skilled brick / stone patio contractor injects substantial worth into your home. The allure of an outdoor sanctuary captivates potential buyers, rendering your property a standout contender within the real estate market.

Expanded Functional Space: The establishment of a brick courtyard extends your living area, effectively bestowing an additional outdoor chamber. Harness your property’s full potential and capitalize on every inch of available hardscaping spaces to heighten your alfresco encounter.

Aesthetic Enhancement: A gracefully designed patio accompanied by patio edging augments your property’s visual allure, culminating in an elevated curb appeal. A well-maintained patio conveys a favorable impression to both passersby and visitors.

Health and Wellness: Basking in the open air brings forth proven health advantages, spanning stress reduction to the promotion of mental well-being. Embracing a splendid brick porch encourages you to embrace nature more, reaping these affirmative outcomes.


Opting for a brick or stone patio constitutes a wise decision that yields multifaceted rewards, and one of the most notable returns on this investment surfaces in the form of augmented home value. Prospective buyers are captivated by the allure of an outdoor expanse that boasts not only visual allure but also functional versatility.

A thoughtfully crafted backyard patio adorned with elegant brick designs imbues a sense of opulence and refinement, propelling your property above its peers in the market. It conveys a distinct impression of a meticulously tended and hospitable abode, rendering it a more enticing choice for potential purchasers.

Moreover, a brick or stone patio introduces a distinctive selling point to your property. It showcases an additional living space destined for years of enjoyment. Buyers frequently exhibit willingness to pay a premium for this feature, thereby amplifying the overall worth of your dwelling.

Additionally, a brick terrace can wield a positive influence on your home’s appraisal value. Appraisers take into account the caliber of materials, craftsmanship, and the supplementary utility that a patio confers upon the premises. These facets coalesce to yield a heightened appraisal value, a facet that can prove advantageous across various financial contexts.

Conclusively, a well-maintained brick courtyard casts a favorable light on the comprehensive upkeeping and stewardship of the property. It communicates to potential buyers that your residence has been dutifully preserved and stands as a commendable investment.

To summarize, a brick or stone patio transcends mere aesthetic enhancement, encompassing an array of attributes and advantages that notably enhance the value of your dwelling. Equipped with our proficiency in brick courtyard construction, Greeley Masonry stands as your trusted collaborator in metamorphosing your outdoor haven into a veritable masterpiece. Connect with us today to arrange a consultation and unveil the complete potential of your property.

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Timeless Elegance: Bricks exude an enduring allure that harmonizes seamlessly with any outdoor expanse, enriching the home’s overall visual appeal.

Enduring Resilience and Easy Upkeep: Brick patios are constructed for the long haul, demanding minimal brick patio repair and maintenance, and remain steadfast against diverse weather conditions.

Adaptable Design Opportunities: Homeowners possess the liberty to personalize their stone or brick patio, aligning it with their style inclinations, thus sculpting a distinctive and individualized outdoor haven. This comprehensive resource of 101 patio designs and ideas can serve as your inspiration.

Enhanced Property Valuation: The incorporation of a stone or brick veranda augments the home’s curb allure and allure, consequently yielding heightened property value.

Functional Outdoor Oasis: Brick patios furnish a cozy and hospitable locale for relaxation, entertainment, and cherished moments with loved ones.

Eco-Conscious Alternative: The origin of bricks and brick patio sand from natural materials underscores their role as an environmentally considerate choice for outdoor construction.

In essence, channeling an investment into a brick terrace elevates the home’s facade, worth, and utility, presenting a lasting and gratifying outdoor living encounter.

Reach out today to commence the journey toward erecting your impeccable outdoor haven!



When making the choice for a fresh stone or brick courtyard, several pivotal factors warrant your attention to ensure the optimal selection of materials and design that align with your needs. Our complimentary consultation is poised to guide you through these decisions. Below, we outline key facets to contemplate:

Financial Plan: Establish a budget for your patio venture. The cost of stone and brick materials can exhibit substantial variance, and your budget will shape the type of material and overall dimensions of the patio that are feasible.

Dimensions and Arrangement: Take into account the available area for the patio and how you intend to utilize it. Ascertain the ideal dimensions and configuration of the patio, grounded in your requirements, whether it’s intended for dining, socializing, or unwinding.

Material Selection: Opt for a stone or brick variant that resonates with your preferences and seamlessly complements the overarching style of your abode and landscape. Standard stone alternatives encompass flagstone, cantera stone, slate, granite, or limestone, while brick options comprise clay or concrete pavers.

Endurance and Upkeep: Assess the sturdiness of the stone or brick material and its resilience against weather elements, stains, and wear. Additionally, factor in the degree of upkeep needed to preserve the patio’s integrity over time.

Climate Considerations: Take cognizance of your regional climate nuances, including freeze-thaw cycles, heat, and humidity. Particular stone or brick variations may exhibit superior performance in specific climates.

Safety Precautions: Guarantee that the patio surface provides a secure and slip-resistant zone, particularly under damp conditions, irrespective of your preference for stone or brick.

Proper Drainage: Adequate drainage is of paramount significance to thwart water accumulation on the patio surface. Opt for materials and a design that facilitate effective drainage away from both the house and surrounding landscape.

Harmony with Existing Landscape: Ponder over how the stone or brick terrace will blend harmoniously with your prevailing landscaping and the overall aesthetics of your open-air expanse.

Utilitarian Aspects: Envision how you envisage utilizing the patio and whether you necessitate supplementary features such as seating walls, fire pits, or integrated cooking areas, which can be crafted using stone or brick.

Permits and Regulations: Confirm with local authorities whether any permits or regulations are applicable to the construction of a new patio, regardless of whether it’s formed from stone or brick, in your locale.

Professional Installation: Engaging seasoned professionals for the installation is pivotal to ensuring the patio is impeccably fashioned and endures across the years, irrespective of the material—stone or brick.

Through meticulous consideration of these elements, you can elect a fresh stone or brick veranda that not only heightens the allure of your outdoor domain but also satisfies your pragmatic prerequisites and adheres to your budget.